Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowflake Chandelier

I made some snowflakes out of coffee filters recently and then hung them from the chandelier in my kitchen... have a look:

I sprayed them with glimmer mist as well.. and it really made them pretty but it was hard to get the camera to pick up the shimmer.  

Here is a garland I made with them:

Basically, I just folded the coffee filter 4 times.... until it was a wedge and then cut around the wedge to form the shapes. Unfold it and viola!

For a more detailed tutorial see my Coffee Filter Snowflake Tutorial.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Cone Shaped Christmas Trees

 DIY Christmas Tree Cone Decorations

I just wanted to show some of the cone shaped Christmas trees I have been working on.  I didn't go out and buy cone forms.. I actually just made my own from poster board using the instructions over at The Creativity Exchange.  I love how her cones came out.. they look amazing!

Here are the ones I have finished so far:

The smaller one I just wrapped with jute that I got from the dollar store. The tall one I embellished with sequin dot material.  I just cut the material into strips and folded them in half forming a loop and glued them all around the tree row by row, starting from the bottom. I love how it turned out.  I actually still have a ton of this pretty sequin material in different colors so hopefully I'll be able to do a few more of these!

Here are the three silver ones I did. They were a bit more involved than the others. Two of them (medium and small one) were made using those little Styrofoam balls.. I put tacky glue all over the cones and dipped them into the balls and the balls covered the cones for the most part. I then painted the cones with silver metallic craft paint. I then mixed some very fine iridescent silver glitter with some diamond glaze and brushed it over the trees. Then I wanted to add some large pieces of holographic glitter but I didn't have any so what I ended up doing was cutting up some holographic curly ribbon that I had into small bits and sprinkled it all over the trees. I think it worked pretty good! You can not tell much in the photo but you can see it up a bit closer.

The way I did the tallest tree was I ended up gluing some chunky bath salt all over it. I was using quick dry tacky glue so I was hoping it would dry before melting the salt. Some of it did melt and some of it didn't... but overall, it was a very interesting texture and I'm glad I did it. After the bath salts, I took it outside and spray painted it metallic silver and I loved it! After that, I ended up brushing on some glaze with glitter and also sprinkled some little pieces of nail art glitter that I found at the Dollar Tree. I think it turned out very cute as well.

Last but no least, here is one that I made and covered with rhinestones. For this particular one I used a cone template that I printed online for free and then just glued rhinestones on row by row.  I love how sparkly and pretty it turned out!

If you are interested in making one of your own, please see my tutorial 

Thanks so much for dropping by!