Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colorful Chandelier Makeovers

It has been a while since I posted any chandelier makeovers so I figured I would do a small round-up today....  I personally could never get sick of chandelier makeovers... who out there is with me??    I've been looking around and gathered up a few bright chandeliers to feature today.....

Chandelier Makeover #1


LOVE this red chandelier by Meridith of Smitty Baby that was featured on Design Sponge. I love that it is red, it looks great!

Chandelier Makeover #2

Look at this beautiful bright blue chandelier that I found at Crafty Little Gnome.   She said it cost her all of about TWO BUCKS to do this gorgeous chandelier!

Chandelier Makeover #3

Apparently this chandelier was a thrift store find.  I didn't see the before but I just couldn't get over how pretty this PURPLE chandelier is that I found at Vintage Revivals!  What an awesome idea for a chandelier..... I think it is gorgeous  :)  

Chandelier Makeover #4  

I love this makeover found at The Tall Chick!  This one went from brass to a beautiful aqua color.  I love it!

I hope you have enjoyed these chandeliers as much as enjoyed gathering them.. Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Decorative Letters- Cheap!

These beautiful letters that spell the word 'Dream' cost me about $6 bucks to make!  I am super excited and can not wait to do some more of them.   

Here is what I did:

I found these foam letters at  Hobby Lobby just the other day...  I had no idea they even existed-they are perfect!  

red and yellow 4 in foam letters

 Second, I primed the letters with plain white acrylic paint.. the colors they came in were way to bright for me. 

Then I painted them with a couple coats of flat black acrylic paint..then sanded and then added one more coat of black paint and VIOLA!! 

Gorgeous decorative letters for your walls, shelves or mantel!

For a more detailed tutorial with photos go to:

P.S. If you know of any other places that sell these letters online, please feel free to share in the comments, as I am planning on buying and making plenty more of these!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrift Store Makeovers - Desks!

Anyone who has been following this blog so far knows I'm crazy about thrift store makeovers!  I've decided to put together another small round-up of thrift store makeovers.. this time it is desks!  

Makeover #1    
Gorgeous Green Desk
This desk started out as an old scratched up desk but it's one of those that has lots of character....  Go on over to Design On A Dime for the rest of the story.... LOVE this desk!!  She did such a great job with it.


Makeover #2     
Beautiful White Desk
Can you believe the above desk was purchased for only $30 at a thrift store?  That is truly amazing to me.. This desk is gorgeous!  Hope on over to SaVvy Decor to see how she did it!


Makeover #3   
 Fabulous Black and Pink Desk

I LOVE the colors pink and black together and I think this desk came out fabulous!! I like how she matched the bulletin board material to the chair cushion material.. it really turned out great!  To learn more about this re-do go to Mom's By Heart  :)

I can't wait to find a desk of my own to make over!