Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrift Store Makeovers - Desks!

Anyone who has been following this blog so far knows I'm crazy about thrift store makeovers!  I've decided to put together another small round-up of thrift store makeovers.. this time it is desks!  

Makeover #1    
Gorgeous Green Desk
This desk started out as an old scratched up desk but it's one of those that has lots of character....  Go on over to Design On A Dime for the rest of the story.... LOVE this desk!!  She did such a great job with it.


Makeover #2     
Beautiful White Desk
Can you believe the above desk was purchased for only $30 at a thrift store?  That is truly amazing to me.. This desk is gorgeous!  Hope on over to SaVvy Decor to see how she did it!


Makeover #3   
 Fabulous Black and Pink Desk

I LOVE the colors pink and black together and I think this desk came out fabulous!! I like how she matched the bulletin board material to the chair cushion material.. it really turned out great!  To learn more about this re-do go to Mom's By Heart  :)

I can't wait to find a desk of my own to make over! 


  1. Wow, Jamie, I love these desk makeovers. Who would have thought that these old, beat up desks could look so nice...and done so cheaply!

    Be sure to stop by our Blog Hop this Wednesday. Your site is our Wonderful Wednesday Feature on Ducks n' a Row!

    1. Thank you, Sinea! I really appreciate the feature :) I will be sure to drop by. I've been trying to come by every Wednesday.. the reminder email helps a lot :) Glad that you like these desk, I love them too.. It's unbelievable sometimes what people can do with thrift store finds.. My favorite is the pink and black one.

  2. Everyone stop by...

  3. These are really cute ones, especially the lime green!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my rug;)
    You have a nice blog, keep on going;)
    I`m your newest follower!

    Lovely greetings...

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy that you dropped by :)