Saturday, March 24, 2012

Painted Rocks - Inspiration and Ideas

Painted rocks have become more and more popular over time.. Many places sell faux rocks with inspirational words on them like dream, inspire, create, etc.. and they are really neat... but you could save some money and make your own if you wanted.  Well, if you have the materials that is.  Whether you want to do them  yourself or buy them, here are some beautiful painted rocks to brighten your day or maybe inspire you:

@Creative Kismet

@Life Span of an Ice Cube

@secondsister suaviloquy

@ZamzamCreations via Etsy

@Simple Life

@zeustones via Etsy

@ThinkingIQ Blog

 I hope is painted rock post has inspired you! Thank you for stopping by :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Baby Boy Shower Decor @ Celebrate Everyday
Check out this baby shower table decor at Celebrate Everyday.  Isn't this cute! I love the big jelly bean jar and how they are all different shades of blue.  You can find all sizes of glass apothecary type jars at garage sales, thrift stores, Dollar Stores, etc... So you don't have to pay a lot for those.  Click on the link for more about this blue themed baby shower.

Pretty Pink Flower Shower@Hostess with the Mostess
 Are you as amazed as I am at the cuteness factor here?  This pink flower decor just blows my mind.  From the cute round flowers in the white vase to the big bottles of party punch sitting on the pedestal. Everything about this screams fabulous!!!  For more beautiful photos and to learn how it was done, go to Hostess with the Mostess

Diaper Cake Centerpiece@homemade by jill
This diaper cake would make a beautiful centerpiece for any baby shower.. I love the simplicity of this one with the flowers and layers of green leaves between each tier.   I am especially grateful that jill has shared the tutorial for this. You can make your own diaper cake and do it as simple or as embellished as you would like. The possibilities are endless!  Go here for Jill's diaper cake tutorial.

Paint Dipped Baby Food Jars@Oh Happy Day
Have you been saving old baby food jars or do you know anyone that does? What could be cuter for baby shower decorations than baby food jars used as little vases or candle holders?! These are paint dipped with blue paint but you could easily do it with pink, yellow or green.. or actually with whatever color you prefer... You could even paint a little pattern on if you wanted.. Here's the Tutorial!

Striped Candle Holders@Martha Stewart Crafts
Martha Stewart Crafts has to how-to for these super cute pink candle holders.. They are shockingly easy to make and you can make them in whatever colors you want.  Get cylinder vases super cheap at thrift stores, yard sales, Dollar Stores (especially the Dollar Tree is great!)and places like that.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms @ Fun Baby Shower Ideas and More
Whether you are doing a shower for a boy or girl, these fun tissue paper pom poms would look gorgeous hanging from the ceiling, used as centerpieces etc..  For the tutorial on how to make these and TONS of other tutorials and great ideas for a baby shower go to Fun Baby Shower Ideas and More.

Most of these decor ideas are more girl colors but any of this can be adapted for a boy as well.... so, if you are planning a baby shower, I hope you have found some inspiration here.  Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Batik Prints and Batik Lamps

DIY Batik Prints @ Creative Jewish Mom

I was on HubPages today and read a hub about how to maintain Batiks material from a hub friend in Indonesia.  I had heard of these type prints before but didn't know they were specially made. After a little more research, I discovered there are actually tutorials out there on how to do your own Batik prints. Of course, these aren't the traditional way they are made by the ladies in Indonesia but still nice.  

I ran across Creative Jewish Mom's website where she has a tutorial for a Hanukkah craft for kids using a DIY Batik technique.  I think this could be fun for adults too! You can make your own printed fabric and use it for pillowcases, tote bags, curtains or anything else...  You can do your design as whimsy or as neat and structured as you want.   It sounds like such a fun way to get creative!  The first thing that comes  to my mind is to maybe match colors and designs already in your home and make home decor accessories...... like, maybe perhaps a lampshade....

Batik covered lamp shade @ *akka design*
White researching Batiks today, I ran across this lamp shade that was made at *akka design* and there are even 3 others that were made with photos and they are all stunning!  I would love to know exactly how the prints were made.... they are gorgeous.  I am definitely going to get one of those Ikea lamps for sure, now!   Go to the website and have a look at the other beautiful handmade batik printed lamp shades.

Before I end this post.... Martha Stewart also has a tutorial on DIY Batik Prints.  I couldn't leave that one out.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home Decor Ideas - Wheat Grass in Containers

wheat grass in terracotta pots @ Make and Takes

I've been seeing containers of grass used for home decoration for a long time now but I didn't realize that they were so easy and inexpensive to make.  I just happened to run across these today online and I'm SO glad that I did... I'm feeling very inspired and I think I'm going to try to make some of my own.

You can actually grow real grass in containers OR you can use faux grass from the craft store which looks just as good and will last lots longer.  Here is the photo of the faux grass one:

artificial grass in a tin @ House of Hepworths

House of Hepworths has been gracious enough to share a great photo illustrated tutorial showing just how she made this fabulous faux grass container!  Go have a look :0)