Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Invisible Disc Plate Hangers Tutorial - Great for Hanging Plates

Have you heard of the Invisible Adhesive Disc Plate Hanger? I have also seen them called Disc Plate Hangers, Invisible Plate Hanger, etc...   They are a made to stick on the back of plate for hanging on the wall.  Plate groupings on walls are very popular lately, I've been seeing them everywhere!    Here is what the Invisible plate hanger or adhesive disc hanger looks like:

Invisible Adhesive Disc Plate Hanger

What is so great about these hangers is they hang the plate without showing hardware like the metal old school plate hangers. The only thing I didn't like about them was the price so that's why I came up with my own version of adhesive disk hangers with some things I had around the house.   

Invisible Plate Hanger Tutorial

What You Need - 
 E6000 glue, a sturdy piece of fabric cut in a triangle, wire, sandpaper or a tool that sands and rubbing alcohol

I first made the metal loop by taking a piece of wire and looping it twice around a pen and then twisted the ends together.

I then determined on the back of the plate where I wanted the loop and right below that I sanded a rough area... with the stone plates, I used a grinding bit on a Dremel.  

I then wiped the roughened area with some rubbing alcohol. 

Then I put about a nickel sized glob of E6000 on the sanded area and stuck the metal loop ends into the glue while laying the loop on the plate in the position I wanted it.

Then I stuck the fabric triangle, right below the loop covering the glue and the bottom half of the wire.  I then gently pressed the triangle down and tried to smooth the glue out evenly under it. 

I sat it aside and let it dry for 24 hours.... and it worked like a charm!

For a more detailed tutorial with photos showing an alternate way to make these using jute go to:

Thank you so much for dropping by! I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and will find it useful :)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

3-D Stars Made from Frozen Pizza Boxes

These are easy and cheap DIY Cardboard Star Decorations!!

I finally made some 3D stars out of some frozen pizza boxes that I had been saving and I think they really turned out great! Of course, I didn't come up with this myself, I actually saw it HERE first, but the star there was made from a cereal box.  Cereal box, frozen pizza box.. it's really all the same!  I was so inspired, I just had to give it a try.   I love how they turned out and I'm happy to report they were actually SUPER EASY to make!!!  Don't tell yourself you can't make one of these.. because you can.

I did three of them that were approx. 12 x 12", another one that was about 6 by 6" and then a smaller one that was about 3" and the all turned out fabulous.  Have a look:

So what do you think??  I think that if I didn't know any better, they look pretty much like the expensive metal ones. If you like the look of them, I urge you to give this craft a try.  They are super easy to make and you can make them practically for free if you save your cardboard food packaging. I definitely look forward to making more of these for use around the holidays. 

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