Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Batik Prints and Batik Lamps

DIY Batik Prints @ Creative Jewish Mom

I was on HubPages today and read a hub about how to maintain Batiks material from a hub friend in Indonesia.  I had heard of these type prints before but didn't know they were specially made. After a little more research, I discovered there are actually tutorials out there on how to do your own Batik prints. Of course, these aren't the traditional way they are made by the ladies in Indonesia but still nice.  

I ran across Creative Jewish Mom's website where she has a tutorial for a Hanukkah craft for kids using a DIY Batik technique.  I think this could be fun for adults too! You can make your own printed fabric and use it for pillowcases, tote bags, curtains or anything else...  You can do your design as whimsy or as neat and structured as you want.   It sounds like such a fun way to get creative!  The first thing that comes  to my mind is to maybe match colors and designs already in your home and make home decor accessories...... like, maybe perhaps a lampshade....

Batik covered lamp shade @ *akka design*
White researching Batiks today, I ran across this lamp shade that was made at *akka design* and there are even 3 others that were made with photos and they are all stunning!  I would love to know exactly how the prints were made.... they are gorgeous.  I am definitely going to get one of those Ikea lamps for sure, now!   Go to the website and have a look at the other beautiful handmade batik printed lamp shades.

Before I end this post.... Martha Stewart also has a tutorial on DIY Batik Prints.  I couldn't leave that one out.


  1. Hello Jamie! Thanks for featuring my lampshades. The technique I used is pretty much the one described in Martha Stewart's tutorial, but I used a brush to 'paint' with melted wax, and also a tjanting. The colours are achieved by dyeing the fabric several times in different dyes, so the colours add up (for example, red over yellow makes orange and so on). You have to use the wax to preserve the areas you don't want to dye, so they keep the previous colour.

  2. Wow..Laura.. Thank you so very much for stopping by and for letting me know how you did them..I see what you are saying with the multiple layers adding up and different colors. I'll have to look over Martha Stewarts tutorial again and see about getting the supplies.. I'm definitely going to try to make one. Again, thank you for sharing the gorgeous lamp shades you made :)