Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Candy Jars

DIY Goodie Jars @ Drab to Fab
I found this awesome tutorial for DIY glass candy jars- the pedestal kind. Many of us have old glass jars and glass candle holders around and if you don't, you can pick some up from the local thrift store super cheap. These type jars are those neat apothecary type jars that you see in groupings with bright colored candies in them!  See the tutorial for these cute DIY jars at Drab to Fab!


  1. Love these! Here is even another link to some too... ...we found the silicone adheres sooooo much better! Love your blog! Thanks for featuring us!
    Bon @ Drab to Fab

  2. Thank you for the link for the other ones! Going there now.. and thanks for the silicone glue tip and for following!! I really appreciate it :) Take care!